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"At OneSource the most important thing we do for our clients is help them secure the right stop loss carrier with the right stop loss policy.  This gives them access to the keys to unlock the savings that lie within their health plans."

With the right stop loss carrier and stop loss policy in place, self-funded employers benefit by stronger plan performance.























-Closes gaps in coverage and reduces the risk of larger catastrophic claims falling outside of the policy coverage.

-Superior risk analysis and forecasting experience helps to customize solutions that better manage financial risk in self-funded plans, therefore

 limiting employers' exposures when catastrophic illness strikes.  

-Financial strength of “A-“ rated carriers who share in our commitment to the customer.

-Our experience and reputation in the industry has helped us to cultivate strong relationships with many of the well-known “A-“ or better rated insurance

 carriers.  In fact, we actually work directly with the underwriters of many of these carriers.

-Because of our exceptional forecasting abilities and self-funding expertise, carriers trust our opinion.

Our vendor evaluations and vendor report analysis help to further strengthen your health plan.


How we find the perfect stop loss carrier for our clients; we get them an invitation to the 'A' list.

-Our solid understanding of the benefits each vendor can bring to a plan helps us to make recommendations geared to help you achieve a fully integrated

 health plan with vendor flexibility.

-At renewal and continuously during the plan year, we monitor the ongoing performance of each self funded plan and make, as necessary, recommendations

 to assist our clients in managing their health plan efficiencies. Some of the reports we review are:

-Aggregate Claim Report

-Claim Lag Report

-Network Savings Report

-Large Claim Report

-Stop Loss Notification Reports

-Pended Claims Report

-Pharmacy Utilization